Appendices List

Chapter 1--The Structure of the Court:

Appendix 1 Court Structure

Chapter 2--Magistrate Clerk:

Appendix 3 Sexual Harassment Policy

Chapter 3--Administrative Procedures:

Appendix 4 Supreme Court Order 99-8500 - Superintending Control Over Magistrate Court
Appendix 5 Supply Order Form
Appendix 6 Disposal Affidavit
Appendix 7 Security Incident Forms
8 Empty Slot
9 Empty Slot
10 Empty Slot
Appendix 11 Volunteer Application
Appendix 12 Court Volunteer Suggested Interview Questions
Appendix 13 Waiver for Volunteers in the Magistrate Court

Chapter 4--Case Processing:

Appendix 14 Tickler system
Appendix 15 MVD 10079 - Flag License

Chapter 5--Criminal:

Appendix 16 Administrative Form 1.20 - Cash Assignment and/or Conversion Form
Appendix 17 Administrative Form 1.24 - Appearance Pleas and Waiver
Appendix 18 DWI Flow Chart
Appendix 19 Administrative Form 1.19 - Failure to Attend DWI School
Appendix 20 DWI Schools Approved
Appendix 21 Supreme Court Order 99-8500 - Collection scheme of fines, fees and costs
Appendix 22 Misdemeanor Flow Chart
Appendix 23 Felony Flow Chart
Appendix 24 Deletion Update Form
Appendix 25 Address Research Form
Appendix 26 TRIP Letter
Appendix 27 Administrative Form 1.13 - Notice of Transfer for Change of Venue or Criminal Form 9-404
Appendix 28 MVD 10079 - Rescission of Notice of Failure to Appear in Court
Appendix 29 Bench Warrant Cancellation
Appendix 30 Traffic Flow Chart
Appendix 31 Participating States/Non-Resident Violators
Appendix 32 DLC/NRVC Membership Status
Appendix 33 Affidavit for Duplicate State Warrant
Appendix 34 Bench Warrant Letter
Appendix 35 First Appearance Form
Appendix 36 Arraignment Form
Appendix 37 J&S Notes

Chapter 6–Civil:

Appendix 38 Civil Flow Chart

Chapter 7--Dismissals:

Chapter 8--Appeals:

Appendix 39 Appeal Checklist

Chapter 9--Excusals/Recusals:

Appendix 40 Administrative Form 1.12 - Notice of Reassignment

Chapter 10--Jury Management:

Appendix 41 Jury Fee Payment Guidelines
Appendix 42 Jury Pay Sheet
Appendix 43 Jury Summons Packet
Appendix 44 Step-by-Step Instructions for Juror
Appendix 45 Distribution Payment Voucher
Appendix 46 Per Diem Reimbursements for Witnesses - Actuals
Appendix 47 Witness Fee Payment Guidelines
Appendix 48 Expert Witness Fee Payment Guidelines
Appendix 49 Certification of Witness
50 Empty Slot
Appendix 51 Interpreter Fee Payment Guidelines
Appendix 52 List of Certified Court Interpreters
Appendix 53 Bailiff Fee Payment Guidelines
Appendix 54 Certification of Bailiff
Appendix 55 Tape Log

Chapter 11--Financial Management:

Appendix 56 AOC Stale Dated Suspense Transfer Form and Bond Log
Appendix 57 Criminal Bail Receipt and Cash Bond Conversion Form
Appendix 58 Monthly/Daily Report Checklist and Instructions on How to Read the Monthly (Remittance) Report
Appendix 59 Order Setting Conditions of Release and Appearance Bond
Appendix 60 Administrative Form 1.10 - Adjustment of Fines Order
Appendix 61 Cover Sheet for FACTs™ Daily Deposits
Appendix 62 Supreme Court Order 8000-8500 - Magistrate Trust Account
Appendix 63 Court Fees and Their Distribution Listing
Appendix 64 Magistrate Court Daily Deposit Verification Worksheet
Appendix 65 Mail Receipt Log

Chapter 12--Juveniles:

Chapter 13--Required Forms:

66 Empty Slot
Appendix 67 1.06 Certification of Interpreter
Appendix 68 1.07 Certification of Witness
Appendix 69 1.08 Certification of Bailiff
70 Empty Slot
Appendix 71 1.10 Adjustment of Fines Order
Appendix 72 1.11 Community Service Work Program
Appendix 73 1.12 Notice of Reassignment
Appendix 74 1.13 Notice of Transfer for Change of Venue - Refer to NMRA 9-404
Appendix 75 1.14 Motion for Stay of Proceeding
Appendix 76 1.15 Order Regarding Military Service
Appendix 77 1.19 Notice of Failure to Attend DWI School
Appendix 78 1.20 Cash Bond Assignment and/or Conversion - Refer to NMRA 9-312
Appendix 79 1.21 Response to Written Request for Inspection of Public Records - Refer to Chapter 15, Supreme Court Policy Directive #9
Appendix 80 1.22 Tax Refund Intercept Program Letter
Appendix 81 1.23 Motion for Competency Determination
Appendix 82 1.24 Appearance, Plea and Waiver - Refer to Case Management Application
Appendix 83 1.25 Juror Summons Packet
Appendix 84 1.26 Motion Requesting an Unrestricted Juvenile Bench Warrant
Appendix 85 1.27 Order for an Unrestricted Juvenile Bench Warrant

Chapter 14--Retention Schedule:

Appendix 86 Request for Disposition
Appendix 87 To be Used if a Company is Destroying Record
Appendix 88 Notice of Destruction
Appendix 89 For Records Destruction Services
Appendix 90 Collection of Records Destruction

Chapter 15--Policy Directives:

Appendix 87 To be Used if a Company is Destroying Record
Appendix 88 Notice of Destruction
Appendix 89 For Records Destruction Services
Appendix 90 Collection of Records Destruction

Chapter 16--NM Crime Information:

Miscellaneous Appendices:

Appendix 91 IRS Form 8300 with General Instructions
Appendix 92 Supreme Court Order 07-8500, Regarding Statewide Court Security Committee
Appendix 93 Statewide Emergency and Security Guidelines
Appendix 94 Supreme Court Order 04-8500, Regarding Computer Use and Internet Policy for the Judicial Branch of Government
Appendix 95 Order for File to be Held Confidential