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Since 1994, the Judicial Information Division (JID) of the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) has been responsible for the automation in the New Mexico state courts.  JID operates under the direction of the Judicial Information Systems Council (JIFFY), appointed by the Supreme Court.  Specifically, JID is responsible for:
Providing tools for timely, accurate, and convenient access to case information by court personnel and the public
Providing tools to improve the court's service to the public
Providing tools to enhance the effectiveness, order, and productivity of court operations
Enhancing the knowledge, skills, and self-confidence of court staff and the public to use available technology
Providing technical accuracy to the courts

See below for information on some current projects

Court of Appeals Mediation Program: Court of Appeals Settlement Conference Procedures to encourage and facilitate the settlement and resolution of civil appeals..
FACTS State-Wide Case Lookup: Information available for case lookup.
Violence Against Women: Establish a central repository to enable access to nationwide Protective Order information.  This will first entail information sharing between the courts and state and federal justice agencies.Download:


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